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Say "Yes" to the Universe

Say "Yes" to the Universe

A friend of mine called this morning and said she had awakened in the middle of the night filled with fear and a sense of foreboding; a feeling that seemed to permeate her body and her mind, She was left to her mind's devices to analyze what she was feeling, as she tossed and turned and tried to no avail to go back to sleep.  She woke this morning with a left over feeling of dread, a tension and contraction in her body that stayed with her throughout the day.   The current financial crisis had put she and her family in a very compromised position financially and she was worried sick not only about how they would make ends meet, but how they would be able to send their next child to college and be able to afford to retire when that time comes.  What does the future hold?

The current state of our world, the financial crisis, and the leadership of our country also hanging in the balance has caused many to fall into the seductive vortex of anxiety, worry stress and fear.  It is not surprising that we can fall prey to this negative cycle given what we have been taught.

We Become our Beliefs 

Most of us have adopted, through our culture, society, and the good intentions of parents, a meme that says, "life is difficult".  We have been taught to guard against this, protect against that, fight this battle, no pain, no gain, life is hard, life is a struggle, life is an uphill battle, we must win, nothing good comes easy, fear of failure fuels success, nose to the grindstone, watch your back.  We have bought into the paradigm or belief system of fear, struggle and strife, and with that belief, we attract into our lives, the experiences that act as evidence of the beliefs that we hold.   Our lives become true reflections of our belief systems, positive or negative.  When something jolts or threatens our sense of security such as the plunging stock market, we may also plunge with it, into a state of resistance to what is, and fear of what may be.  We can use the current "bad" financial crisis to support our belief that yes, life is a struggle. 

We live in a vibrational universe.  As energy systems we are continually emitting 'vibes' or energetic impulses, that are either positive or negative, caused by our thoughts and transmitted through our emotions.  Scientific research is continuing to show that through the laws of quantum physics and metaphysics and the law of attraction, like attracts like, and these vibrations are matched by the universe.  Simply stated, we attract into our lives that which we give our attention energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.  Or another way of saying this is 'that which is like, unto itself is drawn', or 'whatever we focus on in the conscious or unconscious, expands in our reality', due to these universal laws. 

What you believe about life, impacts how you feel.  Positive, life affirming beliefs cause you to feel good!  These positive feelings within you cause you to emit positive energy or vibrations. Those vibes are matched by the law of attraction and come back to you in the form of more good experiences and feelings.

So adopting an attitude such as, all will be well, or this is a temporary difficulty, this contrast or negative situation will help me clarify what I really do want for my life, I'm in the process of finding a solution to my problem, life always works out for me, this too shall pass, or what am I meant to learn from this experience and what is life wanting to teach me'?  These are all expanding belief systems that open you to solutions that cannot be accessed in a state of resistance or negativity.

Saying Yes to the Universe

Learning how to say yes to whatever the universe is putting on your plate, good or not so good,  is key to letting go of resistance and becoming a deliberate attractor of what you want and this is why.  "Most of us have the habit of going through life, saying yes to the things we do like and no to the things we don't like,  and yet, everything we encounter...IS our life.  When we say yes, we enter into a state of trust that whatever our situation, we can work with it.   We express confidence in ourselves, and the universe and life and we also express a willingness to learn from whatever comes our way."   What does it take to get to yes? 

It may be coming up against something we can't ignore, escape or deny and so we are left with no choice but to say yes, or live in constant resistance to what is.   Resistance is a negative energy. Resisting anything only causes more of it to show up for you through the law of attraction.   Resistance is like holding a big beach ball under water.  The energy that it takes to hold the ball under water is resisting what is. When you let go of resistance and allow the ball to surface, as you accept and surrender to what is, you are now able to parlay all that life force into a solution.   Good solutions rarely come from a state of resistance.  In letting go, you are opening up to allowing the creative and imaginative solutions to appear. 

"The first step to saying yes is realizing that in the end it is so much easier than the alternative.  Once we understand this, we can begin examining the moments when we resist and what is happening, and experiment with occasionally saying yes instead.  It might be scary at first, and even painful at times, but if we continue to say yes to every moment through the process, we will discover the joy of being in a positive conversation with a force much bigger than ourselves."

So What do You Want?

What is also important in learning how to be a conscious and deliberate co-creator is to learn how to focus your thoughts on what you WANT to happen, rather than on what IS happening.  When we beat the drum of how bad things are, complain, commiserate, focusing on how much we don't like what is, our negative energies are matched and we attract in more of the same. 

In learning how to shift your thoughts from what you don't want to what you do want, you shift your energy to a more positive state and in doing so, are more able to invite and attract in the experiences you desire.  The challenge is staying in this positive energy when the reality and what you are observing every day, feels bad.  In my coaching program, I teach clients specific techniques that help them to shift from negative to positive thinking, and learn how to sustain these changes over time.   These strategies include understanding and using energy, Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques, learning the 'how to's of using the law of attraction, as well as the  experiential work I've developed over the years that has evolved from my life experience and training in psychology, philosophy, organizational development, business, spirituality, energy medicine and healing and coaching. 

There is much happening in our world at this time, that, in our observation of it, may cause us to lose our bearings, our sense of connection with our own center and source of well being.  While we need to feel and express and process our emotions as we wade through challenging circumstances,  we can also begin to change how we think about these events, and begin the process of dismantling old and limiting beliefs that no longer serve us.  There are also steps we can take each and every day to keep us grounded and hopeful. When you feel emotions of fear and anxiety come up, allow yourself some time and space to sit in these feelings.  Ask yourself "what thoughts am I thinking that are causing my fear and anxiety.  Most often they are thoughts that project into the future a negative outcome.  When you realize that staying in the present moment and not projecting forward or reflecting backward, can help you stay centered in the now, you begin to loosen the hold the emotions have on you.  

Spending time outside and in nature restores our natural connection to nature and ourselves.  Taking only 5 minutes a day to quiet our minds and focus on our breathing takes the energy out of resistance/worry mode and into allowing and acceptance mode.   Beginning each day with a stated intention of what it is we want to be, do or have, clarifies and focuses us and puts that new energy in motion at that very moment.  Keeping a journal and writing down every day something you are grateful for and a positive aspect to the current difficulty you are experiencing. Gratitude and appreciation are the highest emotional vibrations, and when you live in that energy, you will be graced with more to be grateful for. 

Possibility and Gratitude

If you live a more conscious life, you are more aware of your current perspective.  When that perspective is grounded in hope, love, possibility and gratitude, you will attract in those experiences, relationships and views that will validate and support your positive expectations.   Life is meant to be a journey of expansion, joy and growth, not a battle, filled with strife and struggle.  Our desire in life is to find peace, happiness and fulfillment.  Knowing we are not victims in this great universe, but co-creators of our own lives and happiness is an empowering and emboldened belief. 

And our peace and happiness is our greatest gift to others and our world. 

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