Client Testimonials 

"You have fueled my core..."

...and made possibilities transform into probabilities! Thanks for the inspiration and courage you seem to bottle and sell so nonchalantly.

- Rene

"Thank you so very much for such a wonderful and generous presentation last night on all levels!"

You ooze with respect for others, as well as yourself, and as such you are an example of loving presence before you even say a word!  It's an honor that I will be able to say one day that I knew you when you started -- and that you had already arrived!

- Terah

"Last night was wonderful!"

I absolutely left in a different place and attitude than when I came. Thank you for all your beautiful teaching, sensuous tone, positive attitude and deep caring for our dreams and desires.  Congratulations on such a wonderful evening!

- Margaret

"A special thank you for a wonderful workshop last night."

I am forever amazed at how I feel like I am growing in so many ways  and how this process is constantly blossoming. You are a beautiful mentor and I loved your approach with the group last night.

- Nina

"You shared so much wisdom tonight..."

...I think you helped many birth their brilliance tonight! What an honor to be a part of  your journey. This is a great way to start a new beginning!

- Laurie

"Betsy helped me to unearth old dreams and goals"

Working with Betsy enabled me to take what I thought was the worst time in my life and turn it into an exciting journey of self-awareness and fulfillment. Betsy helped me to unearth old dreams and goals and see that they could still be obtained.

- Patti

"Betsy guided me along the path to self-awareness"

Looking back at my experience working with a life coach, I am most amazed by the realization that I made the decisions to take each step along the way on my own. Betsy guided me along the path to self-awareness, but never once did she say, "I think you should do this or that." Answering her insightful questions and working on the homework assignments she gave me, I remember having many "ah-ha!" moments and light bulbs going on over my head as things clicked and came together for me.

I can't thank Betsy enough for the friendship, encouragement and support she has given me.  She is truly gifted at helping people make positive changes in their lives.

Through her I’ve found clarity of what I want, what truly matters to me, what I value most (which strangely I had never thought of before!) and more importantly how to attract and put energy behind all those wonderful things.  Betsy has helped me change how I react to things in life so that they are now just a wonderful part of life’s journey vs another task or frustrating thing.

- Kathleen

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