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Welcome to, a lifestyle and empowerment company, dedicated to transforming women’s lives through coaching, speaking, online and live events and inspirational tools, books and resources.

Transform your life into an Emboldened Life!

An Emboldened lifestyle means you show up as who you truly are 100% of the time and nothing less. It takes inspiration and courage to be yourself in a world that would like you to be something other.

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With Betsy’s experience and guidance, you will find the support, love and commitment to live an authentic lifestyle and fulfill the promise that is your life.

Betsy’s vision is to inspire a new emboldened lifestyle for women, one that is based on authentic living, bold and creative self expression and a deep compassion for self and others.

This new lifestyle begins with exploring, tending, and honoring your deepest essential self and then bringing that new understanding of who you really are out into the world... through your work, relationships, family, friends, your body, mind and spirit.

It is living your personal truth 24/7

The power, influence and capacity you have to change your life and this world when you step into and live in your authentic power is limitless. It is also joy filled and exhilarating!

With Betsy you begin a journey of self-love that transforms:

  • Fear into courage
  • Doubt into trust
  • Confusion into clarity
  • And self-doubt and negativity into self-love and possibility
  • It is the journey of a lifetime.

Learn how to birth your unique brilliance into this life and to discover your unique gifts, ignite your passion and begin living your purpose.

This world needs what YOU have to offer.

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About Betsy Thomas

Betsy is Founder and President of Betsy Thomas Emboldened Living, Inc., a Lifestyle and Empowerment Company. Betsy founded Embolden in 2001 after her career at IBM where she worked for 20 years as a sales and marketing executive. Embolden grew over the years from a life coaching company into a lifestyle and empowerment company that is dedicated to helping men and women transform their lives and in turn facilitate change in the world they live in. Learn more about Betsy Thomas

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